Gary Pearman - Graphics Designer, Licensed Drone Pilot


I'm thinking this might be the new branding. This will evolve as I do...
This is my business card, it will change to reflect new skills. This is mostly Adobe Illustrator. Most of my work is a combination of programs and systems.
This is an InDesign file. It's made for certain print size and would lose clarity on the web as a larger document. But it is pretty. I dedicated it to my wife, who's been so patient and supportive while I was going to school. A lot of InDesign's power is not jpeg output like this, but multi-page, multi-column, printed or digital publications. We can do that.
This an exercise in typography. A lot of Graphics Design is about Typography.
Did this for some nice folks that rock. Some Inkscape was used, too.
Mist at dawn on Bull Shoals. Sometimes you just have to be there.
Don't worry. I got her permission. She's defective. Her tongue is too long for her mouth. Poor thing.
Once, I detested digital photography. It's grown on me.
Our pond population. He thinks he's fooling us.
This one hung in a gallery for a while. Yep, that's me in pencil.
A Saul Bass Homage. It's done in illustrator. It was a good show.
I like posters. This one had to be shrunk to fit here. The files are huge but the prints are detailed. I had this idea that persisted. I had to do it.
I did get permission from everyone involved. That's my Grandson in the cockpit of a Warrior. His 1st lesson, what a smile. I like to promote aviation every chance that I get to.
Introducing  Aerial Photography, FAA Certified Drone Pilot (that's me on the road)
Autumn Sunset from the Drone
I love this stuff...
This is an AI example
This was done in Illustrator. I learned a lot on this one.
Still lifes are fun.
Big Jim's are the best chili peppers.
Was hung for a while in the show. Give me a call. Drop me a line. I love this stuff!
More to come...
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